Monday, March 15, 2010

Mouse House

These past two weeks have been such a whirlwind. Enrolled in way too manyourses this quarter and found myself drowning. Luckily, I've got incredible classmates and friends who never stopped championing my projects and pointed me towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Alas, I'm finally out! Kinda, sorta. I've still got a final to take and two projects to turn in, but *whew*, the biggie (my Walt Disney Imagineering project) is over and done with. Here's a recap of all that unfolded last week:

Assigned to a group composed of ten strangers hailing from different disciplines, I, along with my group members, were given the task of pitching an experience design project to actual executives at Walt Disney Imagineering. Our group did not get along at all *oy vey* and yes, tears were shed (not mine). Final presentations took place last Thursday at the WDI office in Glendale. Our group pitched a superhero training facility themed gym that promised to take the work out of workout. There were 6 teams in the running, and get this... WE WON! Completely unexpected, and utterly fantastic. One of the happiest days I've experienced in a long time.

See some of the concept sketches used in our Flash presentation to the executives above. Before and After!


Anonymous said...

Congrates!!That is SSOO Great to hear!! I may have to throw some movement on one or two of these characters! I am really digging them!!

madge said...

congrats, congrats!

group work is the pits...but when it all comes together, it's v. satisfying.

kimberlina said...

whoa! so rad! was it nerve-racking?


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