Wednesday, September 01, 2010

High Time

...that i wear a watch.

i stopped wearing watches long ago, but i'd start again for this one. la medor by hermes is perfection. not only is this watch g-g-gorgeous and discrete (the center watch face is covered), it has a sense of humor. ("medor" is the nickname the french give a dog.)i'd long been hoping to land one in black... and what do you know? the hotel at which we're staying at in rome is conveniently situated a hop-skip away from hermes. and guess what's in the window? oh wait, guess what WAS in the window?

my one big euro purchase has been made. and le cub approves.

photo by garance dore


JennySRP said...

hahah awesome

Madge said...

oh my little hermes enamels pale in comparison.

your wrist is a PEEEEEEEE-IMP.

hammy said...

gasp! It's beeeautiful!


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