Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just Throwing it Out There

Discovered on ffffound, an awesome children's book titled, "All My Friends are Dead" by Avery Monsen and Jory John. I took one look at the main character (an old man whom I've attempted to recreate from memory at the top left corner of this sheet), and decided to run with the idea of once again working with an old soul. Here's a page of doodles I came up with one slow morning back at Buddy System Studios. (I don't like sitting around doing nothing, okaaaay?)

Buzz words: old man, speedo tailor, mr. universe, unfulfilled dreams, sequins, body hair... OMG, you can totally see it already, can't you? A beauty pageant extravaganza done in stop-motion!!! *thunderous applause*

Um, yeah. Just so you know, I'm probably not going to pursue this lil' nugget for several reason. But you can bet that body hair (not actual human body hair) will be appearing on some character in my thesis project. yes-sireee...

1 comment:

JennySRP said...

tackle it! tackle it! it will be amazing!!!


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