Friday, September 17, 2010

Never Let Me Go

... says Beans.

While le cub (yeah, he's back to being "le cub"), Beans stayed with our dog-walker friend, "Mr. J". Beans loves hangin' with Mr. J because doing so entails trips to Huntington Beach, hikes, dog parks, and more. PLUS, Mr. J has a dog himself. One named "Gunther". He's a Weimaraner, so the name "Gunther" is pretty darn close to perfection.

Anyhoo... Beans has been kind of mopey since his return home. No loss of appetite, no lack of interest in play... so he's not clinically depressed or anything. But we think he's been feeling a tad lonely since being separated from Gunther. We say "Gunther" and he gets all excited. Poor puppy. This happened when my bff was last in time and left with her dog, Shady. Beans misses having a playmate.

Going hiking today, so hopefully he'll forget about the fact that he's all by himself * cue the Celine Dion ballad*.

note: I really want to see this movie!!! huge carey mulligan fan here...

1 comment:

JennySRP said...

alll byyyy myyyyyseelellellfff ... don't wanna be... all byy myyyyseellllfffff


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