Saturday, November 01, 2008

Don't Be Vain, Protect Your Brain!

Alongside the cougar cub, I picked up some heavily discounted Halloween candy from "Tarjay" earlier today. I'm insisting that he hides the chocolate at his place in Santa Monica, because we all know what happens when sugar's within my arm's reach. Bad.

Am working on a new storyboard assignment. We've been told to work on PSAs, and I'm thinking of working on one encouraging bicycle helmet safety. After the legendary Bob Balser's visit to the workshop this past Thursday, I am inspired to execute a '60s-style piece along the lines of Saul Bass' opening sequences, but knowing my capabilities and tendencies, my end results will probably be more like THIS (if LUCKY)! Hahaha. Thumbnails to be posted.

1 comment:

draconic said...

wah, your thumbnails look so prettyful!!! I think I should draw mine with monsters too!!


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