Friday, May 28, 2010

C'mon Baby, Light My Fire

I'm going to set my sets on fire.

Well, no. *sigh* I'm not. *damn you self-restraint...*

This is only because I don't want to accidentally set the rest of my garage on fire. (Yes, that is wise.) Can you imagine my beloved shoes amidst flames? *gasp* I think I would cry. (Like Justin Timberlake when he got Punk'd.) And oh, that my home would be partially destroyed (think "Backdraft")... that would be something to tear about as well. *sniffle*

But duuuude, I do want to find a creative way to chuck all the crap in my garage. The dumpster is way too boring. Am taking suggestions...


JennySRP said...

Maybe keep it up for just a little bit. You hate it now but you'll want memories later!! This is the beginning of your amazing career!

Andrew Way said...

melt it under the sun with a magnifying glass... and film it!


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