Monday, May 31, 2010

Sex and the City DOS!

Watched Sex and the City II last night with Alexis and Jeff. I, alongside millions of other ladies, have been eagerly anticipating this sequel in spite of the fact that I'm always blabbering about disliking most sequels. The SATC franchise is an exception.

Ladies in the theater squealed the moment the opening theme came on... *lol* But me? I think I squealed (internally, at least) the moment the interior of Carrie and Big's apartment was revealed. Tres chic! I think my mouth was flooding with drool as the camera moved from room to room, revealing each and every Rug Company creatiom used to dress the set. Gorgeous! See some interior shots HERE and HERE. But the room that really left the mostly-female audience gasping was Carrie's dressing room. See above. *swoon*

As faaaaabulous as Carrie and Big's apartment looked, I couldn't help but noticed that it didn't look very comfy. The couch Big lays on to watch tv... just isn't big enough or fluffy enough to cuddle on. An the accent chairs in the same room? Erect, much? Whatever... the entire movie was a feast for my glamour-deprived eyes.

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