Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Mortimer

Did you know that "Mort" means "death" in French? A classmate of mine told me this. I suppose that makes the name "Mortimer" that much more fitting!!!


JennySRP said...

Yes! Like MORTality, or MORTician, or MORTal, or MORTified (scared to death).... ahhhh language....

benton jew said...

Hey there. Saw this link to your blog from a tweet you posted about trying Compassionberry Tea. My girlfriend and I have been looking all over LA for it and saw that you got to try it. From one illustrator to another, you know we are powered by SNAPPLE. Could you let me know where you were able to get Holly's drink?

BTW your models for your Mortimer animation look very charming. Old school stop-mo! Very cool!

Thanks again!

lepetitdoodler said...

hey benton jew,

i got my snapple at the gas station on the corner of santa monica and beverly glen. twas yummy.

thanks for checking out my blog!!!

benton jew said...

Hey there!

Used your lead to get some Compassionberry this afternoon. On the way back home I stopped by the Ralph's on Olympic Blvd. near Century Park west, they had it in 6-packs. I also got the other kind there, although I had to ask for it and they pulled it out of the back room.

Thanks again for the tip!


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