Saturday, November 08, 2008

Geek Chic

After spending an entire morning and afternoon sketching nudes, I met up with Katherine "Momma" Chang for an evening of much deserved splurging and grubbing. My partner-in-crime and I hit up Los Feliz on Hillhurst. It was my first time there and I was overwhelmed by all the too-cool-for-school hipsters. ANYHOW, our first stop in the charming neighborhood was the Steven Alan sample sale. Ooh-lah-lah... how I covet everything GEEK CHIC! With the help and encouragement of "Freddy," the manager of the soon-to-arrive-to-L.A. Steven Alan Outlet shop, Kathy and I left the store with a respectable number of items. I made my way out with three of Steven Alan's too-perfect-for-words reverse-seam shirts (pink & grey checks for le cougar cub, teenty-tiny pinstripes for the lil' bro, and a green and purple print for me), and ooh, an adorable red and navy plaid cotton frock which I plan to layer under a comfy sweater coat and over a pair of dark tights and caramel-colored boots. Uber-cool fall duds as an early birthday present for myself! Our eventful evening came to a perfect end with a meal at the charming French bistro, Figaro. Try their mango-shrimp-honey-yogurt salad. Super yum! Looking forward to introducing le cougar cub to Los Feliz -- L.A.'s answer to Brooklyn. It makes me miss New York!

P.S. Steven Alan himself was in attendance.
P.P.S. Michelle Williams is wearing my dress in a different print. Hmm... the dress doesn't look very flattering in this photo though, does it?

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Madge said...

re: p.p.s.
separately, both are darling: michelle & dress. but together, you're right...something about it isn't very flattering.


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