Thursday, November 20, 2008

Que Sera, Sera

Had my animated, animating classmates (and their significant others) over for dinner last night. I would've, could've, probably should've spent the day working on my A-film, however, I ended up spending it cooking. Would've, could've, should've... that's what losers say!

The following was served to my party of 12 :)

Tim's Jalapeno chips and Cheetos (Shout-out to my classmate Alexis and comeback queen, Ms. Britney Spears)
Pear-endive-blue cheese salad
Mario Batali's Bolognese Pappardelle (Incredibly easy and yummy!)
Flame-grilled chicken (El Pollo Loco. Didn't want people leaving hungry!)
Four-cheese quesedillas
Veggie curry (for the vegetarians)
Sauteed wild mushrooms with spinach
Green bean almondine (Whole Foods)
Magnolia's Banana Cream Pudding (Fool-proof. Thank you, Marichelle!)
Lots of Martinelli's sparkling cider, beer, and wine

Everyone seemed pleased with the meal and I think they had a relaxing time. Felt much better about having "sacrificed" a work day knowing that. Plus, I've got the entire weekend to work on my final animation. Ai-yo... worries, shmories. What will be, will be.


Marichelle said...

hi there! thank you so much for that sweet note, I'm so glad the recipes are working out for you. Send me some pics next time!! By the way, I LOVE your stove!!! :) Marichelle

Josh Frost said...

Haha the piece is so wrong!.. I love it! :)


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