Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

... D'oh! You're fake! *SIGH* Must you toy with my emotions?!

Gosh, I can't decide. Is it worse to have no tree or to have a fake tree? I'm hugely against fake flowers, but I don't know... I'm kinda' torn about the fake tree. As long as it's covered with sparkles, I think I just might be able to accept it. Hmm.

Last night, le cougar cub and I stopped by Century City mall for a meal of Brazilian barbeque. (We shared.) Afterwards, as he accompanied me to my favorite, overpriced fro-yo joint for its seasonal toppings, we came across this magnificent, but sadly, FAKE tree.

Really looking forward to smelling some live Christmas trees post-Thanksgiving...

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