Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What a Feeling

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! I filled out an absentee ballot for this year's election (I'm feeling the need for CHANGE) and found the bubbling process to be somewhat confusing. Dammit. I really am becoming increasingly stupid.

On the bright side, and totally irrelevant, my dear friend Sophia is going to be in town with her manfriend, Mr. Apple (that's his actual last name) this weekend. She moved to Amsterdam from Los Angeles a couple months ago -- for looooove -- so I've been really deprived of time with her. Am really looking forward to hanging with my gal. And ooh, there's a too-cool-for-school Steven Alan sample sale happening this weekend as well. We will most definitely be there in search of a good bargain.

Still working on my storyboards for the helmet safety public service announcement. Due tomorrow. Grr. Can't decide what kind of music I want to set it to. Listen to my selected options here and here. Vote, vote, vote!

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