Friday, November 14, 2008

Looking Forward To...

Attending one of these.
The bff (Pam!) is getting hitched to Mr.Debs (Andrew) over Thanksgiving at the Little White Chapel in Vegas. I am so excited for her. She wants one of these at her Vegas wedding, but I want her to have one of these. Just because.

Bringing home one of these.
I la-la-la-love the way they smell! Beans will help decorate. Sparkly lights are a must.

Investing in one of these.
Inspired by Naomi. Am determined to take some smashing pictures.

And finally, traveling with one of these. *teehee* Le cougar cub's is heading home to Taipei with me over winter-break. He'll be meeting my ma and pa.

Wonder if Josh (the cub), is looking forward to the same things I am...


Madge said...

holgas are mayjah!

you have a lot to look forward to...this is the best time of year.

glad you liked your card. :)

SÉARLAIT said...

I love your drawings and really enjoyed all those "These" ! very funny! : )

lepetitdoodler said...

really looking forward to learning how to use my holga to takes photos as fab as the one i saw you took with your holga finds! :)


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