Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Testing... Test. Test.

An animator who hasn't mastered Photoshop? Unheard of! That is until y'all met me... Trying to learn the program to composite images for my animated short. Would love to know if any of you have helpful online tutorial recommendations...


Ali said...

ok, I doubt this will be helpful but I'll tell you anyway!! When I learned to use it I really struggled with the whole concept of layers... It helped when someone told me to think about layers as a stack of glass plates, each one with a different component of the design on it ( picture, txt, etc.) to move the component you need to select the plate it's on. If you want something to be on the top of the picture you have to have it on top of the stack, if you want it to be hidden by part of something on another plate you need to put it underneath it in the stack.
does that make sense? Sure you're further along than that anyway right?! I learned by a lot of trial and errors! I still don't give layeres propper names and I ALWAYS regret it when I have no idea what's linked to what!! Good luck, you'll get it pretty quick I bet X

Andrew Way said...

good luck :)


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