Sunday, June 27, 2010

Get Lei'd

Last Thursday through Today...

Sushi with my freshman roommate. Friends forever.

Cliff and le cub's "Get Lei'd" Hawaiian-themed party in NorCal. Good times for a change!!!

Finished Anthony Bourdain's latest work, Medium Raw. Read-in-one-sitting-entertaining! Our favorite snarky food-writer.

Picked out wedding bands with le cub at Shreve Co.!!! This wedding business is becoming increasingly real.

Just returned home to an empty apartment. Can't pick Beans up from Blue Dog Ranch until tomorrow morning. *sniffle*

Pictured: 1 of 9 caricatures I'd completed when considering creating one for each of our wedding guests. I've since changed my mind about this idea....... too much work!!!

1 comment:

JennySRP said...

Holy moly i can't believe you were planning on drawing all the guests!! lol!
Speaking of getting lei'd, i really missed your blog when I was in Hawaii!


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