Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lady Who Lunches

I don't eat with anyone at work. What's sad is that I do try to. Eat with others, that is. I eat in the common sitting area with my sad peanut butter on wheat sandwich, but no one talks to me. So I pretend to surf the web on my iPhone. But my iPhone is old and slow. Which explains why I pretend to surf the web on my iPhone. Think I'm going to start bringing a book. *le sigh*

Pictured: An old doodle of a sandwich I made back in 2006. It looks better than the sandwich I just ate.


hammy said...

awww I'll eat with you! I'll bring my nutella spread.

Melissa said...

It's so hard to be in new places with people that are already comfortable in their surroundings and with each other. Stay strong. And if you are up to it, "mustard" the courage to go up to those other folks at lunch and say hello!

kimberlina said...

since i work in a library, almost everyone eats alone with a book. it was weird at first, but now i love it. and the book is always more satisfying than the iphone.

JennySRP said...

:( new jobs are hard!

lepetitdoodler said...

i finished anthony's bourdain's "medium raw"... started on "the nasty bits" today... read, read, read.


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