Saturday, July 17, 2010

First is the Worst

Second is the best... third is the nerd with the hairy, hairy chest!

Aww, crap. In a few hours, I'll be headed over to Monique Lhuillier's for dress fitting numero dos. And no, this second fitting will not be the best. In fact, it'll be the worst! I'm pmsing and feeling like a moose. Oh no...

A month ago, I vowed to get into fighting shape. I joined a gym... and well, I'm now regretting that I never really put my membership to use. Yogurtland:3, Burbank Atheletic Club: 1. Shit.

No worries. I've still got a month. I've seen Jillian and Bob (of "The Biggest Loser") work wonders in matter of weeks. I'm just need concrete incentive. A photo of me looking like a fat marshmallow in a long, white gown, perhaps? *OW* The truth hurts. I'm packing a camera in my purse now...

1 comment:

JennySRP said...

I thought you were in New Orleans this weekend? *confuzzled*
You are going to look absolutely gorgeous. Plus frozen yogurt isn't so bad for you, but I'd hide the Haribo. Cut out all drinkable calories and you will be well on your way without too much effort.

Love you muchos.


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