Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Puddle State

July Fourth in Minnesota has become a tradition for me and le cub. Things I love about our trips to his home state...

1) Le cub's mom's home-cooking. Comfort.

2) Minnehaha. It's the name of a street. I crack-up everytime we cross. Mini-Ha-Ha. Get it?

3) Le cub's friends. They're THE BEST. Had I never met le cub, I'd still be friends with these folks.

4) No sales tax on clothes means new swim trunks for le cub and new jeans for me.

5) Caribou Coffee. I had a "Mint Condition" every single day I was there. T'was like drinking a mug of Andes mint chocolates. That's a good thing.

Pictured: Josh enjoying a 5-8 Club Juicy Lucy (cheese-filled burger) and me doing the same with french fry fangs (because we were headed for a showing of Twilight Eclipse after our meal)

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JennySRP said...

YUHM OH!!!!!!!!!!!!


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