Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Way You Make Me Feel


Um, I'm in a really groovealicious mood right now because (1) I'm headed for New Orleans tomorrow for my bachelorette party (thank you, "Hammy" for planning this entire soiree! I love you like a fat kid loves cake.), and (2) I found IT. I found THE dress. THE gown that is totally me. I la-la-la-looooove it with all my heart and yes, if ginormous puffy pink hearts could throb out of my eye sockets, they would. No spanx necessary to pull of this baby. No bra for my little mosquito bite breasts either. *puffy pink hearts jump out of my eye sockets* Now THIS is how a bride is supposed to feel, yeah? T-1 month til the big day and all is well. Thank you, good folks at Temperley, for making me feel pretty. I can't wait for Josh to see me all done up. *Debra does the cabbage patch grind dance. Then follows that move up with some Kid n' Play dance moves*

Packing now. This weekend's going to be so very epic!!! *fists clenched due to excitement*


Melissa said...

How exciting! Have fun!

JennySRP said...

yaaaaaaaaaay! Got your invitations, absolutely amazing and precious in every way!

lepetitdoodler said...

Thank you, thank you!

Jenny, so happy you likee.... :)


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