Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Chuck Norris Had a Master... and her name was Mary Chow. Seriously. She taught him tai chi!

Pictured is a book written by my grandaunt, or as my cousins and I refer to her as, "gu puo". Isn't she just so incredibly beautiful? Growing up, my brother and I would tag along to visit her at her West Hollywood condo... and our memories of visiting her as a child were always sweet. I mean that literally. She'd greet all us grandnieces and nephews with entire bags of candies. "Sugus" candies aka the Asian Starburst. We'd each leave one bag o' sweets richer... Ahh... trips to see Jio Puo were the best.

Fast forward to today... several years, my gu puo joined her kids in Shanghai. She's now mighty old and has developed Alzheimers. But her legacy lives on via Amazon! I just randomly Googled her this evening and was shocked to find her book readily available HERE. Bet she never imagined in a thousand years that her name would be plastered across the world wide web...

I miss her.


kimberlina said...

i love it! she looks so graceful.

lepetitdoodler said...

i love it too!

my grand-aunt always practiced in full-makeup...
i have actually never seen her without her hair dyed and make-up applied until she came down with alzheimers... :(


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