Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Of Course

When I'm out of town, Beans gets boarded. *sniffle* My latest greatest discovery? Blue Dog Ranch in Burbank. The operators are very nice (to owners and dogs alike). Incredibly patient - not to mention professional. The prices are right, and gosh, they've got a little wading pool. Beans loves to swim, so sending him to this particular doggy hotel was really a no-brainer.

So I picked him up this morning and like any good parent, I asked how he was. The girls at Blue Dog told me he was really good and that he really loved the pool. To which I replied, "Of course." He swam in it all day yesterday. Again, "Of course." And oh, he pooped in the pool. Which is why the pool is drained today. *Silence* followed by, "Of course. I'm so sorry!"

This isn't the first time that Beans has shat in a pool. In fact, the very reason that he's no longer welcome at my aunt's place and has to be boarded is because he shat in HER pool. The girls at Blue Dog graciously explained to me that it feels good for them (the dogs) - to shit in the pool, that is. Er, okay. How do they know?! I looked into Beans eyes in search of an explanation. I asked him why he did it. His big brown eyes were void of explanation.

Of course.


RP said...

This is possibly my favorite post for a long while...reminds me of the time that two big Labs tried to teach Pokey how to swim at the dog park.

JennySRP said...



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