Friday, August 23, 2013


Photo of the cottage we'll be staying in at Cabot Cove
The one we stayed in last year was booked when I last looked, so we were left with this ugly ducking. 
I'm kidding. Isn't she like, way-lovely? I'm so very excited. 

When the peanut was 8 months-old, we took a family vacation to Maine. Remember THIS? And THIS? Remember when I mentioned that le huz and I enjoyed the memories we made there so much that we got to talking about making a family tradition of our trips there? (Of course you don't remember. You have a life.) Well, whether you're a diehard stalker or not, fast forward to today, I'm packing the fam up and heading East! That's right... us Huangs mean what we say. Watch out, Maine. A weird Chinese family is headed your way.

"Little by little, one travels far." - J.R.R. Tolkien
The peanut likes to copy her daddy who's often on the road for work.
Here she is trying to steal a suitcase from the Disney store.
 Daddy doesn't have a Little Mermaid suitcase, Olive.

Looking forward to the lobster rolls, whoopie pies and wide-open greenery. And ooh, did I mention that we'll be swinging by Boston as well? Olive will get to hug her sweet cousin Paul. Aww.

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