Thursday, August 15, 2013

Playing Hooky

In your very own nooky! 
The lower unit of my fixer has nook potential. See this?

With a touch of imagination, paint, millwork and upholstery, it can, quite possibly, become this:

 source unknown. plucked from pinterest.

Well, a variation on the same theme... Due to code, I'll need to keep the stair railing. I also can't install a window in the nook seeing that the lower unit of the duplex is located in the basement. But enough with the comments regarding feasibility. A version of this awesome nook is going to be installed in my project fo-sho. I'll install a source of light to make up for the lack of natural light, and ooh, while we're at it, a small shelf for books beneath the bed/bench would be lovely as well!

Renovations can get dull unless you make room in the budget for unique details like fun nooks. 
Follow up photos to come.

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