Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Miss the Bay Area

Because of THIS fab new service. Can you imagine? Never having to commute again, EVER!

See Daily Candy's review of the service here:

Yep, Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation saves the day with its new fleet of ecofriendly commuter buses. Called Wi-Drive, the Hampton Jitney-meets-Google shuttle coach line is the first Bay Area luxury green commuter service for the masses (hurrah!).

Tricked out with Wi-Fi, iPods, LCD screens, tables, and attendants, buses also offer Peet’s coffee along with Specialty’s breakfasts in the morning and Popchips snacks at night.

For now, Wi-Drive does round-trips ($5-$9 one-way) from the city to Marin and San Jose, with more routes coming soon.

Man, that’s super.


madge said...

no way!

Doris said...

come visit!


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