Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wardrobes I'd Like to Raid

Magazines are always asking celebrities "If you can raid anyone's closet, who's would you raid?" One-in-ten celebs answer Kate Moss. Come-on! Couldn't they be a tad more creative?

My personal fav? Giovanni Battaglia. The average human being wouldn't be able to pull off the looks she does, but *sigh* she makes getting dressed look like so much fun. The textures, the colors, the humor!

See what I mean by clicking HERE and HERE.

A breath of fresh-air.

My more realistic and imitable fashion idol would be Michelle Williams. No, not the quiet chick in Destiny's Child - rather the mother of Maltida and former-gal-pal of Mr. Ledger.

Final pick? Sofia Coppola. What's not to like? Oh wait. Godfather III. Ouch.

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