Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mmm-Mmm Good

Had a couple friends over for dinner last week. I served the above-pictured macaroni and cheese. The black spots? Truffles. You heard me, TRUFFLES! My spin on the Joan's on Third Street mac n' cheese recipe. Kathy told me that my mac n' cheese is worthy of entry in Hannah's upcoming "Mac-Off." Dude. Bring it! (P.S. Don't know why the photo isn't flipping into the horizontal position I prefer. Grr.)

My parents are very cute. The last time I was back home, they reenacted THIS Taiwanese video for me and le cub.

Finally, just in case you feel like you haven't had enough Asian culture in a day, check-out this classic Sesame Street episode that le cub frequently quotes. "Chinese noodle, they're my very best favorite food!" His fobby accent is adorable.

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