Monday, November 09, 2009

Cover Up

This isn't the dress I ended up picking out, so le cub, if you're looking, no worries, it's still going to be a surprise :) But this Monique Lhuillier Kennedy strapless is quite similar to what I ended up picking out. (Minus the lace obi belt!) With the gown down, I'm on the hunt for a fun necklace that would make me feel less naked on top. Strapless gowns aren't my thing, but there are very few pretty halter options available. That said, a bib necklace would be an easy solution. Thoughts on this Rebecca Koven number? Too bad I'm not blonde... it'd look so nice on a gal with lighter-colored hair...

1 comment:

madge said...

I LOVE THAT NECKLACE, holy moly, it is an all-caps necklace.


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