Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The past few days I've spent attending classes at UCLA's Animation Workshop have brought much sunshine into my life. But this morning, an unmentionable individual within UCLA Anderson ripped into my state of happiness with his refusal to help me preserve my graduate student status at UCLA. With the help of another unmentionable and unforgiveable colleague of his, a HOLD has been placed on my student records. WTF. The not-to-be-mentioned individual emphasized that while he could help me out, he has chosen not to due to an issue of "equity." What the *bleeping bleep*. As you can imagine, I am extremely frustrated with UCLA administration, but even more so, disappointed.

Just when I thought I was on the path towards sunny skies again, "Voldemort" (shorter than "he-who-cannot-be-mentioned") decides to piss all over me again--AFTER I practically bowed down at his fucking feet and kissed them out of gratitude thinking he could help me. *Bleep*.

I have one last shot to preserve my spot at UCLA. Am meeting with one of two program heads of the Animation Workshop, this Thursday. I hope things work out.


tsai tao said...

Sounds like a pain and a half. Best of luck on Thursday!

Andrew Way said...

Good Luck!


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