Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's my second night living in my parent's new home in Taipei, and I'm still trying to get used to living here. The place is pretty large for Taiwan standards and is impeccably decorated under my Ma's supervision. It's a sea of beautiful beige and coffee texture. Will definitely post photos to share upon my return the States.

Apartment highlights:

1. Motion-sensor toilets. When you stand in front of the toilet, the seat cover lifts itself up. And when you're done doing your business, it automatically flushes and the seat cover moves down again. Goofy.

2. Surround-sound. This is the first place my parents have ever lived in in which they installed surround-sound. To demo their new sound system to me, my mom popped in an "Il Divo" DVD which cracked me up instantaneously. Her bestfriend finds the operatic boyband members handsome and insisted that my mom join in on the fun. My brother and father like Sebastien from Spain as he is ceases to control his ever raising right-brow and is laughably greasy.

3. Eye-candy. These past few years, by parents have been collecting artwork and the new home provides plenty of wallspace for their beloved Asian contemporary art. Jonathan (my brother) and I have renamed each piece accordingly. More on each piece when I'm finally able to upload photos. Seriously, this place is like a museum!

4. Sub-Zero fridge. Every home featured on MTV's Cribs has one, and now MY crib, er, my parents' crib, has one too! Do I notice the difference between a Sub-Zero and a normal fridge? No, not really. I do, however, appreciate the yummy tropical island fruit that it harbors. Mmm...

5. Hidden compartments. There are hidden doors and storage units EVERYWHERE. No wall is ever just a wall in this place. I feel like a superhero!

Glad to be back, but missing the cougar cub and my floppy-eared friend (that's you, Beans), lots.

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