Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pimp My Ride

Ooh, I am really looking forward to posting photos of my new bicycle with y'all. But until I figure out the wireless internet code at my new home (my parents don't know their own code), check it out here. (I bought mine for nearly half the listed price on this site!)

As expected, the bike I ended up with is not what I'd initially intended to buy. I had envisioined an old-school, wirey bicycle resembling those I'd seen folks riding about so effortlessly during my trips to Europe--basket and all--but it turns out riding up and down inclines 4.4 miles per day with a single speed bicycle would prove effort-FULL. This pointed out to me, I was quick to concede to other options.

What really killed the bike purchasing experience for me was the realization that I would need to wear a helmet during my daily commutes (as the image of my cracked skull on Wilshire Boulevard pavement would not be a pretty site). Folks in Europe look so lovely riding about with their hair flowing. Easy-breezy! And me? I look like Toad from Super Mario Brothers. (My helmet is cherry red. See here.) And when I remove the helmet, I swear my head smells of "scalp." Oh dear.

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SÉARLAIT said...

hello le petit doodler,

i like very much all your lovely work!
...i was waiting for your IF island theme this week... ; )
and i just saw that you added a link for my blog. Thank you so much
it is very encouraging for me.
and thank you for your kind comments last time

kind regards


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