Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Terrible Tobacco Beast

Last week I was asked to draw a "Terrible Tobacco Beast" for a friend trying to quit smoking. This terrible tobacco beast would be an imaginary beast that my friend Larry would try to slay. Larry envisioned "his head is a cigarette box, his arms and legs cigarettes, and his cock a cigarette butt" and mentioned that a picture would help him visualize the demon that he's trying to slay as he's quitting smoking. Each limb would symbolize a different cigarette that he needs to have during the day, and every 2 weeks, Larry would off one of the limbs, with the grand finale being him chopping the beast's "ju" (family jewels) off.

I'm uncapable of drawing ugly things though. I can do "disturbing"... but ugly, no-can-do. As a result, I delivered the above uninspired piece. I owe Larry something better. His mission to quit smoking cancer sticks is a great one.

Larry, let me sleep on this one.

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