Sunday, September 21, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Back in LA and am happy to be living in my own space again—reunited with the cougar cub and Beans. Yet I’m also feeling kind of sad. I miss my family. The ten days spent back in Taipei with my family were nothing short of fantastic. I was able to catch up with my parents, play RockBand with my younger brother, meet up with my still-in-great-shape grandparents, and pick up knick-knacks (like a bike bell and cheap leggings) from Taiwanese street vendors. Good times.

But my trip back to Taipei was not all play. Part of my time back was spent sourcing a printer and manufacturer for the greetings cards, lithographs, and miscellaneous pouches and totes I plan to sell under my Flaring Nostrils brand. I've submitted most of the necessary images and am now eagerly awaiting my samples. If all goes as planned, come Christmas, I will be distributing tangible products. I never properly gauged the demand for my products targeting the niche market of demented individuals with an appreciation for the “disturbingly cute,” but I’ll find out soon enough. Fingers crossed!

Looking forward to my last week of freedom before I start my classes in my new program. Am scared that my performance will not be up to par...

New drawings to come.


Gerald said...

Look'in good Debs. I have that same Winsor Newton Watercolor set...except your cakes are much cleaner :D

Madge said...

good times! glad you had fun w/the family.


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