Thursday, September 04, 2008

Summer's End

Disappearing for the next few days to work on the website and to finish up paintings due. In the meantime, I leave y'all with the following thoughts:

1. Nobody goes full retard. Watched "Tropic Thunder" a couple days ago and was thoroughly amused, though I admittingly fell asleep for fifteen minutes during the beginning of the movie. I was suffering from heat-stroke, dammit! Laughed through out the film without knowing why I was doing so.

2. So LA. The cougar cub and I dropped by The Grove last night (we spotted the Windex-loving papa from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"!!!) following a meal at the underwhelming restaurant Hirozen. I'd been wanting to eat at this sushi joint for months, but when I finally went, I was terribly disappointed. Check out MyTummySmiled for a full review.

3. Banana fiasco. Irked by the fact that I've been spending more time with le cougar cub aka "the white dog", Beans decided to help himself to SEVEN bananas(peels and Chiquita stickers included)while we were away on our date last night. Naughty, naughty puppy.

4. No training wheels. Bought a bike (for my commute to campus), and get this, it came with a cup holder! Will post photos of my new ride soon.

5. I want you in my belly. Cougar cub and I recenly watched a July 4th episode of "John and Kate Plus 8" in which the family get away for the holiday weekend and enjoy loads of steamed crab. Inspired, we hit up Redondo Beach earlier today and indulged in his-and-her dungeness crabs. Yum.

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Gerald said...

I watched Tropic Thunder too and almost fell asleep in the middle. It had its' moments, but blah.

You saw Windex-loving papa from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding? He was so hilarious in that movie.

What's with spotting stars last weekend? My friend from New Jersey spotted Ugly Betty, and I spotted Bionic from MTV's Best Dance Crew
"Supreme Soul" off the pier in San Francisco. Olive's nephew was excited, but still wished it was the Jabbawockeez. LOL.


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