Saturday, April 10, 2010

Animal, Dance!!!

If I have time (which I surely will not), I will animate a walking elephant in the background. But as I just pointed out, I won't have time. So please, imagine an uber-cute ginormous elephant... stomping in the background. This scene would be that much better...

And just in case anyone's curious, my "ingredient" list:
1) Cages. I wanted the zoo to look more "Madeleine" and less "San Diego". Bought inexpensive bird cages from Michaels. They were originally painted an antique-white (which I actually liked), but I ultimately spray-painted the heck out of them. Lined the cages with actual dirt.
2) Bushes. Composed of clumps of "Clump-Foliage" that model-train connoisseurs utilize. Love the stuff.
3) Cage at back. I glued aluminum bars onto cut pieces of textured paper (originally a shopping bag from Cusp).
4) Sam (the toucan) and Seymour (the chimp) are composed of floral wire, tape, and Sculpy.

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JennySRP said...

so much amazing.

also. you should be following me, mister.


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