Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flower Power

Crazy-sexy-cool Holly of Holly Flora has gotten back to us about our wedding flowers! The following are snippets from her proposal for le cub and cougar wedding: "loose, garden-inspired designs and hints of retro whimsy in a palette of mustard, butter, green, and possibly ivory and white"... "slightly different tablescape with groupings of brass containers, etched vintage glass, silver, and apothecary glass"... "craspedia, marigold, garden roses, fever few, scabiosa, peonies, wildflowers..." Holy-moly. Are you turned on?! Because I totally am...

Pictured: Photos of some of Holly's masterpieces. Photos plucked from StyleMePretty

1 comment:

madge said...

turned on! what a combo. you're going to have such a beautiful wedding!


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