Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Gimme a Break

Caught a stand-up show at The Comedy Store late last night. Alexis' friend, Justin McClure had a bit, and it was HILARIOUS! It really was. I'm not just being nice. My face hurt when I left the establishment because I was laughing and smiling so much. OUCH.

Set-building all day. This involves a whole lot of cutting, carving, gluing, painting... This film better get made on time. *gulp*

Registry. Le cub and I haven't gotten around to creating one, but we had better do so soon! I wonder if le cub will approve of the three "must-have" above. Cornishware tea cups (don't they look like the sky?), a chunk of pyrite (why not) and a pig dish (just because). Okay. There goes my five-minute break. Back to the garage...


JennySRP said...

You'll have the best wedding registry ever =D

hammy said...

OMG . I have a pig dish. wahahahaha


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