Sunday, April 11, 2010

Get Low, Get Low

Get Philip Low.

Loving Philip Low's color blocked acrylic/lucite prisms for the same reason I do geodes. *shpaaarkles!*I get giddy when I see the effect of light hitting and bouncing off prisms. The unpredictable rainbow goodness that results coats my innards with JOY, and I can't help but smile. Strung Edison bulbs have a very similar effect on me. As do strands of white Christmas lights. I suppose I'm easily pleased? *twinkle-twinkle-sparkle-sparkle* Anyhow, I'm told that the talented Philip sells his prism table pieces for $950 a pop. *Ouch* Why don't you just slap me in the face? Luckily he offers his admirers the option to purchase limited edition prints/posters for a more feasible $45. See more of his work HERE. And his prints? They're available HERE. Puuuurty. I want one. Framed. And hung above my bed. Chhhhyeah!

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