Friday, January 30, 2009


After tonight's awards ceremony, I'll be sleeping-over at school.

Every year, current and past students of the UCLA animation workshop gather for
Falling Lizard weekend (The term "falling lizard" comes from a Nigerian definition of animation coined during a 1982 workshop given by Dan in Nigeria). The purpose of this event is for everyone to make a film (or films) around a common theme, agreed upon the first night and completed in a single weekend. This event is open to friends of the Workshop and prospective students.

In town? Festivities start at 6:30pm in Melnitz Hall - Room 2487. At midnight we'll be playing four-square and whiffle ball in the back lots of the film school. Come with?

Pictured: Page o' doodles from my sketch book. I should probably finish filling it...

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Gerald said...

Such a cool concept...what time can I show up? J/K....I wish! I love collaborating. Please share outcome!

There's a similar event but for comic books. It's a "24-hour" comic book day event. I think it usually happens around October every year :)

MacWorld - the event was so hectic that a couple of us didn't bother to save our sketches onto a thumbdrive. But they were all saved on multiple modbook. So maybe we'll see them up on the Axitotron site in the next month? I worked next to an amazing portrait artist that used to do portraits at Disneyland. It only takes him 20 minutes. I can't find his website, but his name is Paul Lee.


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