Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Joaquin Baldwin, a third-year MFA candidate at UCLA's animation workshop signed my sketchbook this afternoon! Huge deal. At least to me.

I had him sign right next to a sketch of my bread and butter bob-headed girl with ta-ta's exposed. Joaquin insisted that the nips I'd sketched looked more like a second pair of eyes than like nipples, and actually wrote, "They're not nipples." before his signature. Hmm. It's not everyday that I can get an up-and-coming star to scribble "nipples" for me.

Anyhow, read more about this talented young man HERE in an article titled, "Student vs. Studios: Animator Vies for Hollywood's Annie Award". Awards show takes place this Friday.

What to wear?!

Pictured: Model sheet for my C-film, "Le Voyage Magnifique". The hero of the short is this lil' guy. Don't like clowns? Aww... but clowns are people too. Yeah, people who want to kill you... :) (Source of this quote? Kathy's brother's magnet.)

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