Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Envelope, Please...

Folks who work in the animation industry are really strange. I thought I knew what I was getting into, but last night, as I watched the 36th Annual Annie Awards unfold on-stage, it really hit me that in choosing to pursue a career in this industry, I must really learn to embrace my inner freak. There's no holding back!

The evening was, as expected, eventful. In a nutshell?
- SpongeBob's (uber-buzzed?) Tom Kenny hosted.
- Dreamwork's Kung-fu Panda swept the ceremony - leaving front-runner Wall-E and the critically acclaimed Waltz with Bashir with "nada." (Wall-E was robbed!)
- I wore vintage Yves Saint Laurent, yet was seated in the nosebleed section of Royce Hall - amidst a Nickelodeon-biased crowd. *sigh*
- Brit Nick Park (best known for Wallace and Gromit), gave two heart-felt and gracious speeches for his Winsor McCay award and Best Animated Short that left me feeling the warm and fuzzies.
- The fantabulous Billy Crystal (or as his grandkids call him, "Grandpa Wazowski") was in the house to present another Winsor McCay award - this one to animation rock-star, John Lasseter.

Good times.

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