Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feeling Shleeepy

It's 4:25am and I've yet to hit the sack. So tired, but what's a girl to do when everything's due? You DO!

Flying out to Minnesota this weekend to celebrate Chinese New Year with le cub and his family. Am particularly looking forward to meeting Joe (le cub's older brother) and Liz, his sister-in-law, excited that I'll be reuniting with "My Mai", and ooh, can't wait to dine at 112 Eatery! Le cub is always raving about the place, and hey, we've yet to post a Minnesotan joint on our food blog.

On a side note, my dear "chum" Kathy presented me with a belated Christmas gift late Monday. Not a life-sized paper mache of Michael Cera as she'd previously mentioned (aww...), rather an autographed poster from a show we'd caught together at the Coronet Theater in West Hollywood starring SNL darlings Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen! The sketches were co-written and directed by Maya’s baby daddy, Paul Thomas Anderson (of Magnolia and Boogie Nights fame)... So yay! I've now got Maya and Paul's Hancocks in a great big frame. Feeling oh-so-special. And of course, oh-so-tired. Night.

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Mai said...

AWWW You mentioned me!!! Miss you lots!


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