Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kitchen Savant

Inspired by the chef's tart I had on Valentine's day at Monsieur Marcel, a photo of Ah-Yi's warm breakfast tart at Joan's on Third, and this swiss chard tart that I came across in the blogosphere, I made my own chard-onion-mushroom-topped version for le cub this evening. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm quite the tart maker *toot!* Click here for the easy recipe :)

What else:
- Learned to use Animo (an ink & paint program) today. Not a fan. ButI managed to sneak a doodle during the demo. Used a Bic. It was fun. See above.
- Rooting for Top Chef's Carla. Hootie-Hoo!
- Counting down the days until Conan makes his big move to the West Coast. Anyone else watch the O'Brien-Colbert invisible-string dance-off last night?!? Woah. Moves that swept a nation...

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