Friday, August 08, 2008


Not only is today the opening day for the Beijing Olympics, but it is also Father's Day in China and Taiwan. ("Ba ba" is a homophone for two "8"s in Mandarin as well as "father".) Well, I wish my "Ba" the very best on this special day. He's always been my greatest supporter. Rev Run (of Run DMC) insists that parents make kids "feel large," and that's exactly how my dad makes me feel. Large! (Well, most of the time...) With a wannabe "the next Sanrio" b-school drop-out for a daughter, my dad has reacted surprisingly well. In fact, he encouraged me to "be special" and then enthusiastically rounded up tote, plush, and vinyl doll manufacturers back in Asia to support my goal of infiltrating the world's school grounds with disturbingly-cute Flaring Nostrils products. I won the Ba lottery. Happy Father's Day!!!

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Emily said...

you're super talented. i wish my "ba" is proud of moi.... sigh...


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