Sunday, August 10, 2008

Smiling Too Much

My tummy's been smiling too often for its own good. I've been indulging in good food with good company since last Friday. From Thai to Japanese to Italian, my appetite has been unstoppable. My body is not a temple, rather a trash compactor. Oh boy. Now what's particularly disturbing is that I find myself sitting on my lardo ass consuming carb-loaded meals while watching the Olympics! And I'm not just talking about opening ceremony footage (which, on a side note, was amaaaazing... I'm so proud to be Chinese) rather footage of hard-bodied athletes breaking world records (congrats to Phelps--though I was rooting for Lochte). *tsk-tsk-tsk* I really should start working out again. But the devil in my head continues to urge me to indulge in my cravings of green tea ice cream topped with azuki red bean. Oh god, I'm truly hopeless.

On a side note, I feel I deserve a treat here and there as I have been hard at work. I've got so many projects due towards the end-of-the-month--projects including my website, merchandise designs, the children's book I'm cowriting and illustrating with Chang, my paintings (nearly four down, four more to go)--something's got to give!

Pictured: Some of the drawings being used to create the animated intro sequence for Flaring Nostrils...

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