Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Will

Will's actual birthday took place back in July, but this past weekend, a couple of us helped make up for the missed celebration. Seven of us (baby Lincoln included) "surprised" Will ("surprised" in quotation marks because he found out about his trip before it occurred... boo...) by driving out to Yosemite for a weekend of healthy living. Or so we had hoped. We ended up spending more time eating than hiking! Bacon, pancakes, fajitas, quesedillas, fruit tarts, cream puffs, and ice-cream. Does that sound like health food to you?! Wahaha. Actually, come to think of it, we didn't hike at all. We rented bikes on Saturday and spent the entire afternoon cycling around the park. The bike rental turned out to be a fantastic choice though. Given the short amount of time we had to spend at the park, wheels were necessary. We got to see much more of the park than we would have had we gone on foot. It was also a bittersweet reminder that when I return to school this fall, I will be biking to school. I, along with many others, was not granted a parking permit. Aaaah!

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