Sunday, August 24, 2008

Battle the Bulge - Day 7

Somewhere over the rainbow, blue blirds fly...
... and ice-cream is a weight-loss food item. Tried to tame my inner beast today while dining with Pammy. Still exceeded my recommended daily calorie count, but am getting my number back down. Better luck tomorrow.

Banana: 110 cal
M&Ms (2): 20 cal
Turkey Burger at the Counter.
Turkey patty (1/3 pound): 150 cal
Slice of cheese: 105 cal
English muffin: 120 cal
Tomato & lettuce: 20 cal
Grilled onions: 20 cal
Ketchup: 30 cal
Honey mustard: 70 cal
Diet coke: 0 cal
Iced Lemon Green Tea with Honey: 200 cal
Dinner at Southland Flavor Cafe in Cupertino: 600 cal
Yogurtland Fro-yo (less than 2 oz): 100 cal
Total: 1545 calories

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