Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is It Worth It, Let Me Work It

I've been working on the opening flash sequence for the Flaring Nostrils site. That said, I have been drawing pretty much the same thing over and over since yesterday. As tedious as animating may be, it's going to be really neat to see my sketches come to life with the help of Corine, my answer to Flash. More life for the drawings, less life for us. Nice.

The best part about putting this sequence together has been the music selection process. I'm into all the funky tunes that I imagine the Fanny Packs of "America's Best Dance Crew" would groove to.

Once song I came across, which I can't help but want to boogie to(and by "boogie" I mean I want to perform the Monica-Fat-Dance) is this song. When I heard "My Drive-Thru" for the first time, I didn't like it at all. But like most N.E.R.D. produced tunes, this one grew on me. Not using it as the "score" to my lil' sequence though. I've got something BETTER!

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