Monday, August 18, 2008

Have You Seen the Muffin Man?

Dude, where's my waist?

This past weekend in Yosemite, after a massive breakfast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes, Will and Johnny agreed to a "Six Pack Challenge" somewhat similar to the one that our other friend, Larry imposed upon himself. See here. The two will be heading off to Hawaii for a wedding ten days from now, and the challenge is to get their abs in tip-top shape by then. As much as I hope the two will succeed, I think this is a mission impossible. I have no doubt that Will and Johnny are capable of working out like mad men, but the caloric consumption of Will alone is well........ not quite Phelpsian, but it's close! Anyhow, this challenge is going to take a whole lot of will power and discipline and should be fun (or funny) to follow. See their progress here and here!

Inspired by their desire to get in shape, I am going on a low carb diet. Kind of funny that this vow should come from a girl who owns a tee with I "heart" carbs scribbled across the chest. But as stated in previous entries, my tummy's been smiling way too much. See the reason for my food-baby weight. I want to remain fun-size, not king-size. Let's hear it. "I don't think you're ready, for this jelly... I don't think you're ready, for THIS jelly!" Am clearly delirious due to hunger. *Sigh


Vonlipi said...

Your doodles are amazing! Are you an artist? You should be published...Big time!

jonjon said...

sweet! ... i thought u might have backed off on the 10-day cut carbs promise ... good to hear you're keeping up ... so how's progress so far? ...


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