Friday, August 22, 2008

Battle the Bulge - Day 5

I'm spiraling downwards. Somebody help!
Pictured: Me & Pammy on The Grizzly at Great America. Yes, she took this mid-ride. She's a beast!

Fried egg: 92 cal
Great America (amusement park) Treats
Half a churro: 58 cal
Half an Icee: 128 cal
6 pieces of brown rice California Roll sushi: 100 cal
Half a large serving of Dippin' Dots: 275 cal
Buffet dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. Uh -oh
1 cup Won Ton Chicken Happiness Salad: 150 cal
Miscellaneous Veggies: 100 cal
1/8 cup Tuna Tarragon: 60 cal
2 cups Minestrone soup: 240 cal
1 small blueberry muffin: 140 cal
1 cornbread: 140 cal
1/2 cup jello: 80 cal
1/2 cup vanilla soft serve: 140 cal
5 bites of chocolate lava cake: 187 cal
Total: 2,165 calories

1 comment:

Emily said...

Debs!!! No amusement parks during the "battle the bulge"!! it's crucial~~ no desserts!! here's what i ate during the past 30 hours... if it can make you feel better!!
popcorn chicken, passionfruit green tea x 2, strawberry mojito, vongole (manila clams, calabrese sausage, chickpeas in tomato broth), TONS OF BREAD, two pieces of spit-roasted hog, half portion of chianti braised wild boar ragu with pasta, 1/4 of whole snapper, a pint of Gelato... YES A PINT, three glasses of wine, two tacos, passionfruit ice tea, a piece of salt water taffy, a scoop of Lappert's ice cream, half a cauldron of steamed mussels, half a plate of tuna tar tar, half a plate of roasted maple leaf duck.
i don't even wanna start on the calorie count... sigh... fat ass em


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