Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hidden Talent

Last night, I had dinner with friends at Jay and Karen's. The purpose of the dinner (besides being able to hang out) was to check out their new crib that Karen had decorated on a budget. OMG, it was gorgeous!!! What I saw was comparable to featured homes in Dwell and Domino. This undergraduate architecture major should have her on house flipping show. I should have spent more time taking photos of her unit than I did stuffing my face, because this girl needs to be seen! Check out what she did to her kitchen. Laquered MacBook-esque cabinets set against a backdrop of bold pear-green walls... fresh-fresh-fresh. And those floor tiles. What lovely work. As her self-appointed PR woman, if you're a young professional, have recently purchased a new home, and are interested in hiring a decorator who's capable of delivering high-quality results on a tight budget, contact me and I'll put you in touch with Karen. Maaaaan, I wish I had more photos to share.

Pictured: My friend Winnie concentrating on pouring a glass of Orangina.

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Kacha said...

Thanks Debra for such a wonderful description. You are truely talented yourself with your creative drawings and you didn't even go to design school! Keep up with the good work and your blog!


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